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Submarine Sandwich By PES!

My New Car!

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Race The Tube - Sprint!

Man races a train from one London tube station to the next!

All the ingredients are there. One person with an iPhone on the train to record the runner leaving and await his return, and a GoPro camera on the runner’s head to record the actual run. Loved this.


Newest UNC Invention!

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Cat Blocks Dog Intrusion!

"Let every student be plainly instructed
and earnestly pressed to consider well
the main end of his life and studies is
to know God and Jesus Christ which is
eternal life (John 17:3)."

The Laws and Statutes of Harvard College in 1643

"All scholars shall live religious, godly,
and blameless lives according to the rules
of God's Word, diligently reading the Holy
Scriptures, the fountain of light and truth;
and constantly attend upon all the duties
of religion, both in public and secret."

Two central requirements in Yale College 1745 charter

Copper Clappers Video!

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Amazing Queen Victoria Quote!

* BG In Charlotte!



Beer Case Outhouse!

Old Kool-Aid Commercial!

The Roman emperor Diocletian,
following an edict in 303 A.D.,
failed to stamp the Bible out.
The French Revolution could
not crush it with secular
philosophy (Rousseau, one
of its heroes, converted to
Christianity). The Communists
failed to stamp it out with
atheism and political ideology.
One might well ask why this
book has been banned, burned,
and bludgeoned with such
animosity and scorn. The
great Reformation hero John
responds in this way:
"Whenever people slander
God's word, they show they
feel within its power, however
unwillingly or reluctantly." - Joe Boot

To find out how you can begin
a personal relationship with
Jesus Christ, please call:



Wist u dat de God van u houdt?
Avez-vous su que Dieu vous aime?
Wußten Sie, daß Gott Sie liebt?
Avete saputo che il dio li ama?
Você soube que o deus o ama?
¿Usted sabía que el dios le ama?


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Wrecking Ball Fake PAT!

Meet the Wrecking Ball, football edition. Sherwood High (Sherwood, Ore.) used the play you see above during the first quarter of it's 62-7 rout of Putnam High (Putnam, Ore.). Following an early touchdown, the Bowmen lined up in a traditional extra point formation and appeared content to attempt the traditional point-after-touchdown.
That's when things got weird. The designated holder turned from his spot on a knee in front of kicker Martin Layna, swiveled toward the sideline and began hopping off while screeching like a monkey. As defenders began to confusedly stare at the now-hopping holder, Layna called for the snap and rushed straight ahead at full speed, with the 5-foot-5, 240-pounder looking just like -- you guessed it -- a wrecking ball.
The forward rush into the end zone seems like a natural conclusion for the play, right? Not for Sherwood. Just before Layna reached the line of scrimmage he released a lofted pass to the back of the end zone,intended for enormous 6-foot-11 tight end Jordan Kurahara. Against Putnam it worked to perfection, handing the Bowmen an extra point early.
Sherwood coach Greg Lawrence discussed the wild conversion with MaxPreps on Monday, and insisted that the creative attempt was borne out of the program's need to keep all of its players active and engagedas the season rolls on, even if they play only marginal roles in the team's main offensive and defensive units.
"We have 32 seniors," Lawrence told MaxPreps. "We're trying to get of them in on special teams. We've been winning most games. We've been crushing everyone, so we've been trying to find things to make it fun for the kids.
"One of our other senior linemen asked if he could come off like a monkey, pick the tee up, and hop off the field like a monkey. Our special teams coach said 'Sure, why not? Let's do it.'"

The Making Of Raiders Of The Lost Ark!

Southwest Airlines - The Making Of Florida One ¶

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A Year In One Minute ¶

3D Model Lets You Fly Through 17th Century London!

This is absolutely fantastic. Imagine the 
implications of teaching history with tools 
like this at your disposal. In the video below, 
the fly-through starts at about :50.


* Ravi Zacharias | The Gospel in Light of New Spirituality!

* The Mysterious Disappearance!

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