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The Professor said...

There's a Goldmine Of Romantic Music
that is in the process of being LOST
forever. Music written in the first half
of the Last Century offers Romance,
Beauty & Great Lyrics that incorporates
a Happy, Uplifting & Positive Worldview
that is quite rare today.

The Music in this 15 Minute Video offers
you unrealized Romantic Beauty yet with
a Contemporary Story that your mind
composes as it views the High Definition
Photographs and Captivating Videos!

This Elegant & Enticing Music was first
recorded on 33 1/3 Phonographs, transferred
to Cassette Tape, then C.D.s and finally
to my Computer so the quality is not

Perhaps one day, others will discover
this Enchanting Treasure and this music
will become more available on the Internet.
Even better would be if new Mantovanis,
Percy Faiths, Norman Luboffs, Arthur
Fiedlers, etc. would discover and record
with a fresh talent true to the original
intent these Romantic and Rapturous

Rediscover It Now:


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The Professor said...

Okay, we're going to do a little experiment right now. If you're near something printed (and you're not driving), let's say a book, a newspaper, magazine, would you just like hold it in front of your eyes? Okay, now wait, wait, if you're driving, remember you're excused from this. But got that in front of your eyes alright? Now, hold it a foot or so from your eyes.

Okay, now depending on what kind of shape your eyesight is in, it should be fairly clear what it says. Now, would you hold that printed piece so it's touching the end of your nose? I know, you're feeling really stupid now, but you can blame this on me! Okay now, hopefully that's not a foot from your eyes. Okay. You got it up there? Well, how's the print look now? Blurry? Sort of running together, unfocused? Things always look that way when you're too close.

You're in a pressure situation right now, maybe a depressing situation, and you've been in it for a while. You think about it a lot, and maybe you spend a lot of time trying to analyze it, you re-analyze it, you think of possibilities, you plan various responses. You remember the book against your nose thing? Well, you can get so close that you can lose your perspective. In order to see that situation clearly, you need some distance. Well, how do you get some distance from a situation that you're totally immersed in?

Well, our word for today from the Word of God it's in Genesis chapter 40, and it tells a story of Joseph being in prison. He's in a bad situation, and he is there and comes upon two former servants of the king, who have had dreams. Joseph has the gift of interrupting dreams. And it says in verse 6, "When Joseph came to them the next morning, he saw that they were dejected. So, he asked Pharaoh's officials who were in custody with them in his master's house, 'Why are your faces so sad today?'"

Now, notice Joseph's life appears to be falling apart. Everything that looked like it was going his way has now collapsed. He's lost his job, he's in prison, but he's still unsinkable. How's he doing this? Well, he took responsibility and he's looking for people who need him. He says, "Oh, I see some people who are down today, 'Can I help you?' I see some people who need me here."

I talked not too long ago to a man whose wife had left him quite awhile ago. She refuses to divorce him. She refuses to reconcile. And he's thought about that day and night for four years. Well, I listened, and then I gave him some unexpected advice. I said, "Mark, you need to get a place where you can serve the Lord and help some people. This has so occupied you, and understandably so, that you haven't had time to serve. Find some boys you can work with at church, or something you can do with the teenagers at church, or a Bible study you can lead, or volunteer for something. Because as you serve, you'll be able to see this situation better, and you'll know what God wants."

Mark said, "You know you're right. I've not served the Lord for a while because I've been so involved in this. I need to get busy for others and get some distance." Well, that's what Joseph did. That might be what you need to do.

You see, pain tends to make us very self-focused and self-absorbed. Our eyes start to cross, and the situation starts to blur, and we start thinking in circles. Serving restores your perspective. Now, when you feel the least like doing it, is probably when you most need to do it, to get your perspective back.

Maybe your problem is too close to the end of your nose, and it's getting blurrier all the time. Listen, step back - see it better.

To find out how you can begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, please visit: Yours for Life or call 1-888-966-7325.

"A Word With You" by Ron Hutchcraft

The Professor said...

Love Unsought

How do you know that God exists? How do you know that God loves you? These questions, upon the hearts of so many, have answers as real as the formative moments in your life.

As I have aged I seem to grow more and more prone to nostalgia. Many of us do this instinctively, clinging to memories past, perhaps looking backwards with the hope of seeing a purpose for our lives. When I travel to India, I make it a point to revisit time and again those significant marking points of my own life. As I recall these moments past but not forgotten, I hear the gentle voice of the God very much in the present. And God says, "I was there." "When on you were on your bike contemplating suicide, I was there. When you were but nine years old and your grandmother died, I arranged for her gravestone to hold in time the very verse that would lead you to conversion. I was there."

It is often in these harrowing moments—your parents divorce, your child's birth, the
death of a loved one—where God leaves a defining mark. There is reason you remember such moments so vividly. We have a choice to hear or to ignore, but regardless his voice cries out in our memories, "I was there." God has been in our past. God is here today. God will be there in our future.

God exists, as Lewis worded it so well, in the "eternal now." And the psalmist, always writing with feet firmly planted in time, but arms ever reaching for the eternal, beautifully explains, "Thou art God from age to age the same." And while hindsight is often God's means of gently revealing his presence all along, we can be comforted in the peril of the moment nonetheless. As we encounter these markers in time, our sorrow is held in the beautiful mystery of one who wept with a friend, who answered her question "Where were you?" with tears of his own. Beside Lazarus's tomb, Jesus offered Mary a glimpse of the present love of God, though he knew a greater future. God was with you
then. God is there with you now. And He loves you.

William Shakespeare once reasoned, "Love sought is good, but given unsought is better." How do you know that God loves you? While you and I were yet lost and wandering, Christ was wandering after us, by way of the Cross. And this sacrifice stands as the greatest marker in all time.

Ravi Zacharias is founder and chairman of the board of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

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