- Summertime In Venice! (Seven Great Artist!) (Lyrics) Romantic 4K Music Video Album!

LYRICS: (Summertime In Venice - Dick Via) In Beautiful 1440p!

I dream of the summertime
Of Venice and the summertime
I see the cafe's, the sunlit days with you, my love
The antique shop where we'd stop for a souvenir
The bridge, the boats below, the blue above!

Un so-gno ro-man-ti-co
Ve-ne-zia e il so-le splen-di-do!
Di mil-le can-zon l'e-co lon-ta-na por-te-ro
Que-sta la-gu-na ad-dor-men-ta-ta, ri-cor-de-ro
Che par-la al mio cuor so-lo d'mor, sem-pre d’amor!

I dream all the winter long
Of mandolins that played our song
The dream is so real, I almost feel your lips on mine
And though, I know we have to be an ocean apart
There's Venice and you and summertime, deep in my heart!



Summertime In Venice (Dick Dia), Summertime In Venice (Al Caiola), Summertime In Venice (Jerry Vale), Summertime In Venice (Len Bergantino), Summertime In Venice (The Popcorn Orchestra), Summertime In Venice (Frank Chacksfield), Summertime In Venice (Mantovani),


Summertime In Venice is from the 1955 Movie: Summertime is a 1955 American/British Technicolor romance film directed by David Lean. The screenplay by Lean and H. E. Bates is based on the play The Time of the Cuckoo by Arthur Laurents.

The story focuses on Jane Hudson (Katharine Hepburn), a single, middle-aged elementary school secretary (she refers to her position as "a fancy secretary") from Akron, Ohio. She is on her summer vacation and is now enjoying her lifelong dream of a vacation in Venice after saving up money for the past few years for the big trip. During the ride on a vaporetto to the Pensione Fiorini, she meets two fellow Americans, Lloyd (MacDonald Parke) and Edith (Jane Rose) McIlhenny. At the hotel, they are greeted by Signora Fiorini (Isa Miranda), a widow who transformed her home into a pensione after World War II. - Wikipedia



Summertime in Venice - Jerry Vale
5:35 - 8:29 

Nu Quart' E Luna - Dick Dia
0:04 - 2:20

Summertime in Venice - Frank Chacksfield Orchestra
15:24 - 18:57

Summertime In Venice - Dr. Len Bergantino
9:51 - 11:42 

Summertime in Venice - Al Caiola and His Orchestra
2:39 - 5:15 

Summertime in Venice - The Mantovani Orchestra
19:51 - 22:23 

Summertime In Venice - The Smooth Orchestra
12:04 - 15:21


Each one of us needs to look after the good of the
people around us, asking ourselves, “How can I help?”
That’s exactly what Jesus did. He didn’t make it easy
for Himself by avoiding people’s troubles, but waded
right in and helped out.



Google: T3H7P12H   

NOTE: There is some discussion in the Geek World about what constitutes a 4K Video. iMovie - which these videos are made from - identify this video as 4K. YouTube wavers but at the very least this video is superior to 1080p any day!

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