- Song From Moulin Rouge! ( Various Artist) (Lyrics)(1952) Beautiful & Romantic 4K Music Video Album!

"The Song from Moulin Rouge" (also known as "Where Is Your Heart") is a popular song that first appeared in the 1952 film Moulin Rouge.

The most popular version of the song was made by Percy Faith's Orchestra, with a vocal by Felicia Sanders. The recording by Faith and Sanders was made on January 22, 1953 and released by Columbia Records in both 78 and 45 rpm single formats through catalog numbers 39944 and 4-39944 respectively. It first reached the Billboard chart on March 28, 1953 and lasted 24 weeks on the chart, peaking at No. 1. This version finished as the No. 1 song for 1953, according to Billboard. In the United Kingdom, the version by Mantovani was the biggest hit, on which recording the plaintive accordion theme was played by Henry Krein. This version also charted in the U.S. The recording by Mantovani was released in the U.S. by London Records as catalog number 1328. It first reached the Billboard chart on May 16, 1953 and lasted five weeks on the chart, peaking at No. 13. However, in the UK, Mantovani's version of the track reached No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart. - Wikipedia

LYRICS: The Song From Moulin Rouge!

When ever we kiss
I worry and wonder.
Your lips may be near,
but where is your heart?

It's always like this,
I worry and wonder.
You're close to me here,
but where is your heart?

It's a sad thing to realize
that you've a heart that never melts.
When we kiss, do you close your eyes,
pretending that I'm someone else?

You must break the spell,
this cloud that I'm under.
So please won't you tell, darling,
where is your heart?

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