- Airplane Romance Songs! (These Foolish Things & I Get A Kick Out Of You!) (Lyrics)

Funny Runaway Wheel Video!

If you stop believing what your
professor told you had to be true
and if you start thinking for yourself
you may come to some conclusions
you hadn't expected. You may find
the Bible makes more sense than
you thought or were told to think.
Allow yourself to be ruined, ruined
with regard to what you always
thought could be true. Can you
believe what you don't understand?
You and I believe everyday what
we don't understand unless it comes
to the issue of salvation.              

- Dr. Woodrow Kroll

To find out how you can begin
a personal relationship with
Jesus Christ, please call:


Cell Phone Crashing At The Airport!

Not NSA!

Great Comedy Skit!

Google: T3H7P12H

Cow Makes Llama Laugh!

Let's Do It Together!

There is simply no historic foundation
for the position that the Framers intended
to build the 'wall of separation' that was
constitutionalized in Everson. The 'wall
of separation between church and state'
is a metaphor based on bad history,
a metaphor which has proved useless
as a guide to judging. It should be frankly
and explicitly abandoned.     

- Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court,
William Rehnquist

Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon present “Test Drive 2″!

There’s a bit of backstory here but all you really need to know is, when boys have unlimited funds, we will pull awesome pranks on our buddies. The best line in the video is when the friend says, “Travis was pretty rough on Jeff and Travis and I are friends so I was excited to help Jeff respond.” Ladies – that’s how men think! Source!

Funny Commercial!

The Muppets: Cårven Der Pümpkîn!

Google: T3H7P12H

The Typist!


Boeing 777 Parts Clouds!


The Resurrection of Russia Clips!

The Increase Of Intolerance! (David Jeremiah)

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